Friday, December 2, 2011

Protective Style: Twist Extensions

As I conclude my 3rd week of rocking my twist extensions, I am still in love! I do miss my fro a little, but the limitless styling options and ability to roll out of bed (and in bed) and look fabulous is making these a definite staple in my style arsenal. I find myself combing braid blog and vlogs relentlessly looking for my next braided/twisted do. I will give these twists 3 more weeks and plan on giving my hair a two week break before my next extension extravaganza. That will give me time to narrow down my next style (Yarn Braids, Twist, Box Braids, OH MY!).

Enjoy these lovely braided styles and Have an Awesome Weekend!


mmm.. i want genie braids now.


OMG gorgeous


  1. I am loving the yarn and box braids girl! I need to be called/texted when these braids happen so I can learn and help you!!

  2. They are my new favorite too! I think I will be putting some in the next few weeks, I miss mine.


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